Review: Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol


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***This review is not sponsored. Everything written is my own opinion, and if you are to use this product remember YMMV. 


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(Bottle says, “This product contains Natural BHA to control oil while helping to clear recurring pimples. A non-drying acne treatment solution for sensitive skin.”)

I came across this product in my search for a toner to use after my actives. I wanted one that was hydrating but still helped with acne. Technically, the Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol is a spot treatment, but after reading Fiddy Snails’ (an AB blogger who writes amazing reviews, read her blog here) of the A-sol and how she thought it would be good to use after actives, I thought I would give it a shot. There is a lot of controversy about the effectiveness of this product on the Asian Beauty subreddit, as some people say it has done wonders for their acne and others say it has no effect on their skin. As with any product YMMV, so I felt it best to just give the product a try. And thankfully I did, because I love it and am now on my second bottle.


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Here are the magical ingredients:

  • Propolis Extract- has anti-bacterial properties that helps with inflammation.
  • Lactic Acid- this is an AHA, which helps to breakdown dead skin cells and reveal smoother skin.
  • Glycolic Acid- this is another AHA, which is helpful for brightening skin.
  • Betaine Salicylate- this a BHA, which is a gentler version of Salicylic Acid.

Here are the cursed ingredients:

  • Alcohol- may irritate those with more sensitive skin types.
  • Butylene Glycol- has an acne rating of 1.

For the full list of ingredients and analysis, click this link.

How to use:

What Cosrx says to do:

  • In the morning/evening after facial wash, spread thinly on the troubled areas, areas with much dead skin cell, and areas with much sebum.
  • Tap gently with fingertips to absorb.

What I do:

  • In the morning: After cleansing and toning I apply it as a spot treatment to inflamed and acne infected areas.
  • In the evening: After cleansing, toning, and my actives (BHA or AHA) I apply this like a toner to wipe away the gunk from the actives and to help with any further inflammation.

How it worked for me:

I have nothing but good things to say about this product. The first time I used it I was suffering from one of the worst breakouts of my life and desperately needed something to calm down my inflammatory acne. This was a life saver! After the first use I was amazed at how well it worked. My face had been all red from inflammation and a few minutes after applying this, the redness and swelling had been greatly reduced. Over time it helped to reduce the amount of blemishes I had and to heal the ones that remained. This product is great for acne prone skin as it heals and does not strip skin of its moisture. It has become a staple in my routine and I recommend it for anyone who has acne prone skin or gets the occasional breakout. However, if you are allergic to Propolis or your skin is irritated by alcohol, this product it not for you.


  • Small list of ingredients (no fillers and less chance for any irritants)
  • Helps to calm acne inflammation
  • Helps to heal blemishes
  • Doesn’t strip skin of moisture
  • Works great as a toner for after actives
  • Works great as a spot treatment


  • Alcohol ingredient may irritate those with sensitive skin types
  • Bottle pump can be a little finicky and tends to spray sometimes
  • Non-clear packaging makes it hard to tell how much product is left

Final Rating:

Rating Scale

  • 1-Bad, had a reaction, would not buy again
  • 2-Did not work
  • 3-Worked, but nothing special
  • 4-Great product, but has the potential to be replaced
  • 5-Holy Grail, it’s the cat’s meow!

Noona 5
This product is definitely an HG for me and I intend to always keep a bottle around. It’s a must have for those who suffer from inflammatory acne!

Where you can purchase it:

Memebox for $19.00

SokoGlam for $18.00

Jolse for $14.40

RoseRoseShop for $10.48

Amazon for $16.29 (available with prime if you have it)

**Be sure to check out our coupon code page for discounts on some of the sites listed above!

4 thoughts on “Review: Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this product and am now tempted to give it a try!
    Will wait till I’ve used up my Tosowoong Propolis first, so there’s no duplication. Not that that’s a bad thing 😉

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog


    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner! And you’re right, how could more propolis be a bad thing? And I am assuming your tosowoong propolis is a serum? If so, using the a-sol won’t really replace it since it is more of a spot treatment, toner like product. So, I think it would be safe to say you can use both! 🙂


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