Review: Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine



 ***This review is not sponsored. Everything written is my own opinion, and if you are to use this product remember YMMV. 


(Package says; “Promotes visably clearer, smoother & tighter skin”.)

The first time I saw Neogen’s peeling gauze I knew I was done for. I kept telling myself I didn’t need to spend $27 on some gauze for my face but you know what, I did, and that’s why we have this review. This exfoliator is a two-sided, three layered gauze that uses criss-crossed fabric to gently shed off dead skin and clear out clogged pores while the softer side picks up remaining dirt.Drown all that goodness in wine and what could be better right?….Right?


Here are the magical ingredients:

  • Glycerin-a moisturizer that has skin repairing properties
  • Wine Extract (Revesveratrol)-naturally occuring AHA’s that help exfoliate the skin. Also an Antioxidant, it helps prevent pigmintatiation and the forming of wrinkles.
  • Vitis Vinifera Seed (Grape seed oil)-Potent antioxidant that helps reduce sun damage and free-radical damage.
  • Glycolic Acid-AHA which is helpful for brightening Skin

Here are the cursed ingredients:

  • Butylene Glycol-Acne trigger of 1
  • Alcohol Denat-Irritant of 5

For the full list of ingredients and analysis, click this link.


How to use:

What Neogen says to do:

  • After cleansing, slip fingers into sleeve of gauze so that criss-crossed side is facing outwards.
  • Use gentle circular motions all over dried face, neck, etc.
  • Work your way from the base of your neck to the top of your forehead.
  • Rotate the pad so quilted side is facing outwards, swipe across face to pick up the remaining debris.
  • Rinse with warm water.

How I use it:

  • Double cleanse my face, patting dry.
  • Slip fingers into gauze, criss-crossed side facing outwards.
  • Applying pressure, gauze is run from neck to forehead and then over my chest.
  • Rotating pad to so that the quilted side is facing outwards, gauze is gently swiped over neck and face and finally chest.
  • Rinse off remaining peel with warm water.
  • Using a cotton swab, I apply a hydrating toner to bring moisture back into my face and to pick up anything left behind on my skin.

How it worked for Me:

I’ve had this product for about two months now and it’s still hard for me to understand how I feel about this product. It’s a gentle exfoliator, and I find that it would probably work well for people that have sensitive skin and can’t handle sugar scrubs or other rough exfoliators. Back when I did my review on Skinfood Vs Tony Moly Black Sugar Scrubs it was a really hard contest for which exfolitor worked best for me. When it comes to this bio-peel I find that there isn’t really any contest. I love grape seed oil and the benefits my skin gets from it but with triggers like Alcohol Dentat, the risk for irritation and inflammation just aren’t worth it. Do I think this could work wonders for other people? YES. But for me? I found the outcome to be so-so. I didn’t have any major break outs after using the product, nor did the alcohol dry or burn my skin like other similar ingredients but for a product that claims “smooth skin, purified with a youthful glow”, my skin didn’t end up that smooth or glowing.


  • Gentle exfoliator, great alternative to harsh or coarse exfoliates
  • Comes in easy, single use cotton gauze
  • Sheds off dead skin
  • quilted surface helps pick up dirt and debris left over after exfoliation


  • Didn’t see any real improvement over the past two months of using this product.
  • Alcohol Dentat has a trigger of 5 which, holy cow is high.
  • The lowest I’ve been able to find this product is $27 which is a pretty steep price compared to the $10 scrubs that i’ve seen better results with.

Final Rating:

Rating Scale

  • 1-Bad, had a reaction, would not buy again
  • 2-Did not work
  • 3-Worked, but nothing special
  • 4-Great product, but has the potential to be replaced
  • 5-Holy Grail, it’s the cat’s meow!

Noona 3

While the product did the job of removing dead skin and gently exfoliating my skin I didn’t find it to be worth the price or even the best working exfoliator for my skin.

Where you can purchase it:

SokoGlam for $27.00

Amazon for $27.98 (with Prime)

Ebay for $34.99

**Be sure to check out our coupon code page for discounts on the sites listed above!

3 thoughts on “Review: Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

    1. It’s a great product for gentle exfoliation! If you plant to buy it in the future I know we have a coupon for soko glam on our coupons page that may make purchasing it a little cheaper 🙂


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