Rosa’s Skincare Update: 8 months of skincare



 ***This review is not sponsored. Everything written is my own opinion, and if you are to use this product remember YMMV. 


It’s been  8 months since Sara and I first launched The Beauty Witches, and a lot has changed since then. One of the best parts about getting into skincare is acquainted you become with your body and your skin. In the past eight months, I’ve had the opportunity to try so many different products, some which I still stand by and some I’ve left in the dirt. While my most up to date routine can be found in my bio ,I thought I’d take the time to go over some of my current faves and old lovers in my current routine.

I’ll never Let you Go..


The first product I’ll mention happens to also be the first review we ever posted; Too Cool For School’s Pumpkin Sleeping Pack.  It’s moisturizing, filled with fun ingredients like pumpkin extract and Centella and I wake up every morning after using this pack to brighter, softer skin. It’s a total repurchase for me and though I’ve tried a few other sleeping pack I always tend to reach for this one over anything else.

Another product I never want to let go of is Skin Watcher’s Green Snail Intensive cream. It’s hydrating, it’s thick, but it absorbs so easily into my skin that I can wear it as a day or nighttime moisturizer.

Could this be Love?


There are a few products that I’ve entered into my routine very recently that I’m already falling head over heels for. The first items I’m quickly falling for are my actives. It’s been seven months since I’ve started my multi-step routine but it’s only been about a month since I started using actives in my routine, and I am LOVING them. Currently I’m using Papa Recipe’s White Flower Clear Up 8% AHA Gel. People say it smells really bad, Sara says it smells like burning rubber, but I don’t smell anything. For my BHA, I’ve been using the Cosrx Blackhead Power Liquid. The combination really purged my skin, and while the breakout is just starting to go away, I can already see brighter, smoother skin coming to the surface. I’ve also started using the Illi Total Aging Care Cleansing Oil, which deeply cleanses, removes my heavy makeup easily, and has an amazing combination of plant extracts that leave my skin feeling soft and clean. They’ve only just entered my routine but I really think this could be love…

We are Never Ever Getting back Together!

When I created my first skincare routine, I filled it with a handful of Benton products. They were cult classics in the K-Beauty world, gentle, and had a lot of snail in their ingredients. I can happily say I’ll never look back at their Aloe toner, and I’ll wave an enthusiastic goodbye to their Snail Bee High Content Essence that I’m positive did jack to improve my skin. Another fond farewell goes the Japanese brand Cow, and their oil cleanser. I loved that it was a thicker oil, and easily removed all of my makeup, especially mascara and waterproof eyeliner, but otherwise it didn’t really do too much for my skin, and unfortunately for Cow, I’ve found a new love with Illi. I’m also staying away from Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Foam. It worked okay, but the pH was just too damaging. A truly toxic relationship.


Eight months ago I threw myself into skincare, and during that time I was able to become best friends with my skin. We have our ups and our downs, but through the ever growing (and kind) AB community as well as the knowledge that only comes from trial and error,  I’ve been able to learn which products work best for my skin and how to target and treat blemishes and breakouts. My skincare went from being very basic and filled with classics such as The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil and Skinfood’s Black Sugar scrub to a full 11 step routine filled with ingredients that don’t break me out or dry out my skin, but help it glow.

Once again, if you’d like to see my updated routine, please click here.

I’d like to hear your stories as well! Comment below about how the AB community has helped your skin and allowed your beautiful self to shine through!

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