Review: I’m From Honey and Volcanic Masks







***This review is not sponsored. Everything written is my own opinion, and if you are to use this product remember YMMV. 


About a month or so back I ordered both I’m from wash-off masks from Glow Recipe. I really needed a new clay mask that could pull dirt from deep within pores, help control oil, but also remain gentle on my sensitive skin. Not only that, but I wanted a counterpart, a mask that would nourish and moisturize my skin. I bought these two together in hopes that they would be able to target my problems without irritating my skin or causes pesky blemishes. I wasn’t disappointed.

Honey Mask Ingredients:

The big appeal of the I’m From Honey mask is the 38.7% honey in each container. The honey itself from from the Jiri Mountain in South Korea, a place inhabited by over 1000 kinds of herbs and flowers. This correlates to healthier,  herbal enriched honey. Not only that, but the mask includes propolis, bee venom, and beeswax!

Here are the magical Ingredients:

  • Honey-Filled with antioxidants and vitamins, honey soothes the skin. It works well in soothing soothing acne and preventing aging while also aiding complexion.
  •  Caprylic Triglyceride-is an emollient made from coconut oil and glycerin. Restores skin and helps prevent moisture loss.
  • Snail Mucin-Packed with nutrients that help deminish signs of aging, scaring, and sun damage while also moisturzing the skin and protecting the skin from future damage.
  • Lotus Extract-Skin soothing antioxidants
  • Jojoba Oil-Emollient that enhances skin restoration while also soothing troubled skin.

[Honestly the list could go on and on]

Here are the Cursed Ingredients:

  • Beeswax– an emollient, while it can be beneficial for the skin, it has an acne trigger of 0-2 as well as a skin irritant of 0-2 according to CosDNA.
  • Butylene Glycol- Acne trigger of 1/5.

Please read full ingredient list to make sure you are not allergic or easily irritated by any of the ingredients. Full list and analysis here.

Volcanic Mask Ingredients:

Volcanic ash works well in masks because it attracts dirt that hides deep within our pores. Jeju Island specifically is known for it’s mineral rich clay. This mask also contains flower extracts as well as Kaolin.

Here are the Magical Ingredients:

  • Kaolin-Absorbent properties help suck up sebum and control oil.
  •  Ash-Minimizes age spots, exfoliates, and cleanses the skin of toxins. It also works to minimize and clear pores for dirt.
  • Ginseng Extract- Anti-aging, improves complexion.
  • Glycerin-Skin replenishing and restoring.
  • Titanium Dioxide-Mineral used in sunscreen. Protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

Here are the Cursed Ingredients:

  • Butylene Glycol-Acne trigger of 1/5.
  • Dimethicone-An emollient with an acne trigger of 1/5.
  • Hexylene Glycol-Acne trigger of 2/5 and Skin Irritant 1/5.

Please read full ingredients list to make sure you are not allergic or easily irritated by any ingredients. Full list and analysis here.

How to Use Honey Mask:


What I’m From says to do:

  1. After wash, apply thin layer to entire face avoiding eye area.
  2. Gently rinse after 10 minutes.

What I do:

  1. Double cleanse, hydrating toner
  2. Spread thin layer over dry skin.
  3. Leave on for 25 minutes
  4. Wash off with warm water.
  5. Follow with Actives, second toner, serums, sheet mask, and moisturizer.

How to Use Volcanic Mask:

What I’m From says to do:

  1. After Face wash, apply mask to entire face avoiding eye area
  2. Gently rinse off in 10-20 minutes.

What I do:

  1. Double Cleanse, hydrating toner.
  2. Spread thin layer over dry skin.
  3. Leave on until mask is dry (15-20 minutes)
  4. Rinse with warm water.
  5. Follow with Actives, second toner, serums, sheet mask, and moisturizer.

How they Work for Me:

I adore these masks. I can’t get enough of them. The Honey mask mask goes on smoothly, and doesn’t feel sticky. After washing it off, my skin feels noticeably softer, the combination of both this hydrating mask and the pore cleansing volcanic mask have made my skin brighter, softer, smoother, and have diminished my acne considerably.

The Volcanic mask is gentle, which is a huge plus for my sensitive skin. It doesn’t dry me out like other masks, and it doesn’t burn like other masks I’ve tried (and chucked) in the past. The whipped texture applies easily and washes off without trouble.

Overall, both masks have become a constant in my routine and I’m having a hard time wanting to use any of my other wash-off masks because of them.


  • Easy to Apply
  • Easy to Wash off
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Doesn’t break me out
  • Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin
  • Clay mask doesn’t feel drying.
  • Helps clear skin of impurities
  • Free of parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances


  • Honey Mask smells like toffee. Some people may not likes it, though I enjoy it.
  • Volcanic Mask has odd mineral smell that took me some time to get used to.
  • Price ($30-$40 per container).

Final Rating:

Rating Scale

  • 1-Bad, had a reaction, would not buy again
  • 2-Did not work
  • 3-Worked, but nothing special
  • 4-Great product, but has the potential to be replaced
  • 5-Holy Grail, it’s the cat’s meow!

Noona 5

You heard me! Holy Grail! I love these products and I never want to let them go.  They work so well for my skin and fit so easily in my routine. They are filled with great ingredients and do exactly what they claim. 

Where you can Purchase them:

  • Glow Recipe– Honey for $40 Volcanic for $32
  • Wishtrend- Honey for $37.90 Volcanic for $24.57
  • MemeBox- Honey for $28 Volcanic for $22
  • Amazon- Honey for $39.81 Volcanic for $33.45 (Both with Prime)

Be sure to check out our coupon code page for discounts on some of the sites listed above!

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