Best Halloween K-Dramas & K-Movies!


**This is not sponsored, as these are just are own opinions about shows and movies that we enjoy to watch!


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You may already know, but one of our favorites things to do is watch K-Dramas and K-Movies! And as you probably could guess from our blog name, Halloween is our favorite holiday. So with Halloween in less than a week, we thought we would recommend some of our favorite spooky shows and movies to get you in the holiday spirit!



Spellbound (2011)

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Genre: Romance/Comedy/Horror

Lead Actress: Son Ye-Jin

Lead Actor: Lee Min-Ki

Synopsis: Kang Yeo-Ri has been haunted by ghosts since a life threating accident in high school. She is forced to live on her own, as the ghosts terrorize those close to her. One day she sees a street magician named Ma Jo-Goo preform. He sees her in the audience and due to her creepy allure, comes up with an idea for a magic show in which he asks her to take part.

Opinion: This movie has it all, romance, comedy, and horror! We watched this movie thinking it wouldn’t be all that scary and boy, were we wrong! Definitely a gem of a movie as it is has a one of a kind plot, and has you scared and laughing all at once.


Train to Busan (2016)

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Genre: Thriller/Action/Horror

Lead Actors: Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-Seok

Lead Actresses: Jung Yu-Mi, Kim Soo-Ahn

Synopsis: Seok-Woo is a workaholic business man living in Seoul with his daughter, Soo-Ahn, and has an estranged wife living in Busan. Soo-Ahn, unhappy with her father and missing her mom, asks to go to Busan for her birthday. Seok-Woo agrees, and they take the train to Busan together, but before it leaves Seoul Station a girl infected with a zombie virus jumps on. Seok-Woo, Soo-Ahn, and other passengers have to fight together to defeat the zombies as the virus spreads throughout the train.

Opinion: This movie was on our list since the moment it was announced. First off, it has our fav boy, Gong Yoo, from Coffee Prince which is one of our all time favorite dramas. And second, one of us (Sara) has a strong love for zombie movies. Going in we expected a half decent zombie movie, since most tend to fall flat due to plot holes, but this movie turned out to be a thrilling and emotional journey. Great watch for those who love well done zombies and a good plot!



The Masters Sun (2013)

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Genre: Romance/Comedy/Thriller

Lead Actor: So Ji Sub

Lead Actress: Kong Hyo Jin

Synopsis: Kong-Sil has the terrifying ability to see and be touched by ghosts. Her fear and the constant barrage of spirits have made it impossible for her to live her life properly. One rainy night Kong-Sil runs into Joong-Won, an arrogant and money obsessed president for a shopping mall called “Kingdom”. Kong-Sil realizes that with a simple touch from Joong-Won, all the spirits in her sight disappear. Obsessed with the idea of being able to live a normal and ghost-free life, Kong-Sil (quite literally) attaches herself to Joong-Won and the two soon become suns to one another, chasing out the shadows of their darkened pasts.

Opinion: With an extreme premise, there are a few cringe-worthy moments that make you a little embarrassed with just how clingy Kong Sil can be. With two great leads (two of our favorites) the show pulls off its wacky ‘miracle touch’ theme and instead leads to an interesting plot of dead loved ones and forgotten pasts. The ghosts in this drama can be a bit spooky and there’s usually individual plots running alongside the main mystery that keep you interested.  With 17 episodes it’s on the shorter side as far as dramas go, this is a great spooky drama to get yourself ready for Halloween!


Oh My Ghostess (2015)

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Genre: Romance/Comedy/Thriller

Lead Actor: Cho Jung-Seok

Lead Actress: Park Bo-Young

Synopsis: Shin Soon-Ae, a virgin ghost, possesses weak  women in the hopes of seducing a man of “vitality” so that she can overcome her virgin grudge and cross over to the other side. Stumbling across Na Bong-Sun, a timid assistant chef with weak will and the ability to see ghosts, Shin Soon-Ae soon finds that the chef, Kang Sun-Woo (and Bong-Sun’s long time crush) to be the man of vitality she’s been looking for, romantic hilarity ensues.


With only 16 episodes, this drama was short and sweet. Jung-Seok and Bo-Young had really amazing chemistry and I was really impressed with how easily Bo-Young was able to switch between two completely different personalities while also making them feel real. Aside from the main possession, there really aren’t too many ghosts or spooky creatures in this show so if you’re looking for something to watch but don’t want anything that’s going to make you jump at bumps in the night. If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say it was a supernatural “Oh My Venus”. Sweet and simple and full of aegyos.

Blood (2015)

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Genre: Romance/Comedy/Thriller

Lead Actor: Ahn Jae-Hyeon

Lead Actress: Ku Hye-Sun

Synopsis: Born as the son of vampires, Park Ji Sang uses special pills to suppress his appetite for blood, and works as a surgeon. Through his work, he tries to discover who tried to kill his parents years ago. When he joins a new hospital as team manager, he meets Yoo Ri Ta, an arrogant doctor who’s family ties to the hospital and small achievements quickly stirs up a rivalry between the two. While Ji Sang begins to uncover secrets of the past the hate between Ri Ta turns to love and soon he’s protecting his identity, and her life.

Opinion: I have a lot to say about this drama. It took me FOREVER to give it a shot because in my mind, there is nothing cornier than a vampire working as a doctor. I was right. Regardless of how corny the premise, I ADORED this drama. It’s about 20 episodes long, and you’re constantly getting hit with drama and conflict as well as super romantic moments between real life married couple Jae Hyeon and Hye-Sun. Their real life love really helps the chemistry in the show and despite the plot being dark and serious there are a lot of funny moments that keep you getting to worn out from the drama. While it’s not as spooky as ghost or zombie dramas the villain is supernatural and super evil. If you love classic vampires, then you’ll love this modern version of an old tale is a must watch.


Let’s Fight Ghost! (2016)

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Genre: Romance/Comedy/Thriller

Lead Actor: TaecYeon

Lead Actress: Kim So-Hyun

Synopsis: Park Bong-Pal is living as a college student and an exorcist. Ever since he witnessed his mother’s death when he was young, he has been able to see ghosts and now in order to earn money, he exorcises them. During an attempt to exorcise a ghost in a local high school, he runs into dead high school student, Kim So Hyun. Kim So-Hyun can’t remember how died, and teams up with Park Bong-Pal to solve the mystery.

Opinion: This drama was a cute watch. The chemistry between the leads was endearing and the side characters were a treat. All in all, a fun drama that has you rooting for love, while intrigued by the mystery of who the villain is.


We hope this helps you find something fun to watch on Halloween, or for when you’re just in the mood for something thrilling!






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