Review: Memebox’s Bonvivant Brand


***The products we are reviewing were given to us for free by Memebox. However, all opinions stated are our own and are our honest reviews of these products.


Recently we applied to be MemeBabes (Memebox Ambassadors), because Memebox is the Kbeauty shop we purchase from the most and we love their selection of products. We felt nothing would be better than to have the opportunity to test out more of their products, so we can share more of our experiences with all of you! We have not yet officially been selected as MemeBabes, but they did send us some of their newest products from their in house brand, Bonvivant, to start.

That Day Mask Packs:

This mask series is supposed to be used during that time of the month (you know, when you’re riding the crimson wave). And each mask is supposed to target a different day during your cycle, hence the “That Day” part of the title.

Hydrating Care-


Purpose: This mask is meant to treat your skin on the day during your cycle that it’s most dry or dehydrated. It contains hydrating and calming ingredients, such as Snail Secretion Filtrate, Chamomile Extract, and Rosehip Oil.

Essence: Clear jelly essence with a slight orange/yellow tint. Enough to soak the mask and a little extra for your body.

Material/Fit: Material was a bit stiff when first applying but once on, it stayed in place. I normally have an issue with sheetmasks sliding down, and I had no such issues with this one.

Result: Left my skin slightly sticky afterward, but my skin felt extremely plump and hydrated.

Brightening Care-

Purpose: Brighten skin and smooth skintone

Essence: Clear jelly that feels slightly cool during application. Had a little extra in the pack but the mask itself was soaked.

Material/Fit: Though it felt a bit loose in places, I didn’t feel the slip and slide I usually feel when putting on a sheet mask and trying to watch dramas at the same time ;).

Result: Though my skin felt a bit tacky the overall complexion of my skin looked brighter and less red than usual. 

Blemish Care-

16-10-26-16-41-24-612_decoPurpose: This mask is meant to treat your skin on the day during your cycle that it’s most broken out. It contains soothing and calming ingredients, such as Mugwort Extract, Aloe Vera, and Swiss Alpine Herb Extract.

Essence: Clear jelly essence with a slight green tint. Enough to soak the mask and a little extra for your body.

Material/Fit: Material was slightly stiff, but once on it settled to my face shape and didn’t move.

Result: Left my skin feeling only slightly hydrated, but it really helped to calm some of my more inflamed blemishes.

Botanical Pure Mask Packs:

This mask series is supposed to fill the need for cheap sheetmasks that can be used daily. One of the current trends in Kbeauty is daily sheetmasking and this line is perfect for that, as there are 6 types that target different problems and each is only $1.

Adenosine + Acai-

16-10-31-00-18-45-422_decoPurpose: This mask is supposed to restore damaged and tired skin using Adenosine and Acai Extract.

Essence: Creamy, but not overly thick. A little bit was left in the pack, but really not much.

Material/Fit: Soft material, but it was a little loose on my face.

Result: Helped to deeply moisturize my skin. Best for those with dry skin or for use during the winter months. I have oily/slightly dehydrated skin, and this mask moisturized so well that I didn’t put any cream on afterward.

Collagen + Olive-

Purpose: Moisturizing, claims to restore tired and dehydrated skin.

Essence:Milky and thick, not too much left over in the pack but plenty on the mask itself. 

Material/Fit: Soft, but a little too large and loose for my face.

Result: ULTRA MOISTURIZING. It was like throwing a rich cream on my face or thick sleeping pack. Though I wouldn’t be able to use this mask often I really enjoyed it giving my skin an extra boost. 

Sodium Hyaluronate + Lotus-

Purpose: Hydration and ‘re-energizing’ for the complexion 

Essence: Clear, not as thick as the olive and collagen mask.  Very wet, these masks really hold in a crazy amount of essence.

Material/Fit: Probably the best fit to my face, you can still see that it was a bit loose on the face.

Result: I have found that with the bonvivant masks with non-creamy essences tend to take longer to absorb into my skin. I had it on for about 45 minutes, and my cheeks remained a bit wet. The essence absorbed very easily into my skin after removing the mask, however, and I noticed that my skin did appear a bit brighter and smooth. 

Niacinamide + Lime-

16-10-31-00-19-11-843_decoPurpose: This sheetmask is supposed to help brighten dull skin using Niacinamide and Lime Extract.

Essence: A thin and clear essence, that has a slight musty smell. Mask is really soaked with it, not a lot left for body.

Material/Fit: Soft material, that is slightly lose on my cheek area.

Result: Has a temporary brightening effect and it’s a nice added moisturizing step. Good for those who worry about dull skin or for the night before /morning of  an event.

Madecassoside + Mugwort-

Purpose: Soothes red/irritated skin, strengthens skin barrier, tightens and firms. 

Essence: Not creamy, this mask was LOADED with essence. While there wasn’t anything really left in the packaging the mask itself was sopping. I left the mask on for close to 50 minutes and it was still pretty damp. 

Material/Fit: The nose flap was really large, and like the other masks I tried, this one was a bit loose all over. 

Result: The mask really soothed my skin, and felt refreshing and cool while I wore it. The next morning I noticed a few of my more predominate blemishes seemed to have gone down a bit and there had been a major reduction in redness.  

Chamomile + Tea Tree-

16-10-31-00-17-55-707_decoPurpose: This sheet mask is supposed to help calm and soothe skin using Chamomile and Tea Tree Extract.

Essence: Clear and thin essence, not a lot left for body.

Material/Fit: Soft material, but it was a little loose on my face.

Result: Helped to soothe irritated blemishes and red patches on my skin. Perfect for when your skin is breaking out and acting up, and really just needs to calm down.

Botanical Mellow Clay Masks:


We did a full review of the mellow masks here. The best part about them is that their jelly-like clay is 50% more moisturizing than most masks, so they don’t give you that dried-out feeling when you wash them off. Another great thing about this set is that each mask targets something specific. The pink, Calamine mask works well for irritated, blemished skin. We use it a lot during break outs to reduce redness. The green, mint tea tree mask helps exfoliate dead skin, tighten pores, and help reduce oils. Finally, the grey volcanic mask helps get in deep to pull out impurities from the skin. The set is made so you can multi-mask, helping you address all the problems specific areas of your face might have (such as your t-zone). We use these masks at least twice a week!

Masking Tools:

Bear Headband-

Cute and comfy! We also own the cat version, and both are made of a very soft and slightly furry material. They are definitely comfortable to wear, but they do run on the small side.

Silicon Pack Brush-


Makes applying messy clay masks easier, but it’s a bit troublesome to clean. There are small indents on the silicon head of the brush in which the clay mask tends to get stuck. Otherwise, works well at applying all types of wash-off masks.

Pink Cleansing Sponge-


If you have a couple of masks that are hard to wash off with just your hands, this is a nice alternative to wash cloths. However, it does stain easily since it’s a light pink color and we still have yet to figure out how to store it in a cleanly way, but for only $2 it’s not too bad a deal. Not really a must-have though.

Where you can buy:

If you have never purchased from Memebox before and would like to, use our referral link here to get 20% off your first purchase!

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