Review: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin


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***This review is not sponsored. Everything written is my own opinion, and if you are to use this product remember YMMV. 


About 2 months ago I purchased the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin to replace my previous toner, the Cosrx BHA Skin Returning A-Sol. I had wanted to try a toner that was more hydrating, but also calmed my acne down like the A-Sol. Innisfree actually has three different versions of this toner, which include Fresh (oily skin),  Balancing (normal and combo skin), and Moisture (dry skin). The whole green tea line is meant to keep skin clear, hydrated, and smooth. Most of the products in the line come in the three version explained before. I chose the balancing version of the toner even though I have oily skin, because I felt the fresh version might not provide the amount of hydration I was looking for.


Here are the magical ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract– this ingredient supposedly accounts for 86.9% of the formula. This ingredient helps to keep skin moisturized and tends to have a calming effect on irritated skin.
  • Orchid Extract– this is an emollient, so it helps to soften and smooth out skin.
  • Camellia Leaf Extract– this is also an emollient, so it helps to soften and smooth out skin.

Here are the cursed ingredients:

  • Butylene Glycol– this is a moisturizer that has an acne rating of 1.
  • Carbomer– this is used for viscosity control and has an irritant rating of 1.

Please read full ingredient list to make sure you are not allergic or easily irritated by any of the ingredients. Full list and analysis here.

How to Use :

This toner has a milky look to it and it’s thicker than water, but thinner than a serum.

What Innisfree says to do:

  • Squeeze out 1 or 2 drops of toner and gently spread it on your face and neck.

What I do:

  • In the morning I use this as my only toner, but at night I use this as my hydrating toner after actives.
  • Morning: I double cleanse, then I use about a quarter size amount of this toner. I spread it over my face and my neck. Then afterward continue on with the rest of my routine.
  • Night: I double cleanse, then use my pH-adjusting toner, then my BHA and AHA, and then this toner. I once again use a quarter size amount and afterward continue on with the rest of my routine.

How it worked for me:

This product actually worked out better than I expected. I didn’t really have any high hopes for it because my A-sol had worked so wonderfully, but this toner turned out to be rather nice. When I apply it my skin drinks it right up and I tend to apply it liberally. I feel as if the rest of my routine absorbs better as a result of using it. This toner also helps my skin feel softer and it has a slight calming effect on my acne. It has never broken me out or caused any irritation.

Overall, I wouldn’t say this product is better than my A-sol, but it’s a nice alternative. It doesn’t do as much for healing my acne, by I like the added hydrating step. I would recommend it for oily, combo, and normal skin types, as I don’t feel it is hydrating enough for those with dry skin. However, I would say for those with sensitive skin to beware, it does have a fragrance that smells like men’s cologne.


  • Provides light hydration to skin
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling
  • Calms some acne inflammation and other irritation
  • Preps skin for rest of skincare routine
  • Comes on a large 200 ml bottle
  • Affordable


  • It has a fragrance, so it may be irritating to some
  • Doesn’t provide heavy hydration (only an issue for people that need more)
  • Doesn’t stand out from the crowd, but gets the job done

Final Rating:

Rating Scale

  • 1-Bad, had a reaction, would not buy again
  • 2-Did not work
  • 3-Worked, but nothing special
  • 4-Great product, but has the potential to be replaced
  • 5-Holy Grail, it’s the cat’s meow!

Noona 3.5

This product does exactly as it says and is a good bang for your buck,
but it definitely has the potential to be replaced.

Where you can Purchase them:

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