Review: L’oreal Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask



***This review is not sponsored. Everything written is my own opinion, and if you are to use this product remember YMMV. 


Last year L’oreal came out with a set of masks to stick their leg into the rainbow masking game that was happening in the Asian beauty industry. These masks come in three flavors, very similar to the Bonvivant clay masks we reviewed a while back. Out of all of them, I had a few friends tell me that while they liked all of the masks, their favorite by far was the detox clay mask. After some time, my curiosity got the better of me, and I went down to my local Target to see what all the fuss over this mask was about.


  • Draws out build-up of impurities, dirt and pollution
  • Reduces dull skin and increases luminosity
  • Evens skin tone
  • Refreshes and allows skin to breath



Read the CosDNA report here.



How to Use:

What L’oreal says to do:

  • Apply an even layer to clean dry skin, avoiding eye and lip area.
  • Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then remove with water.
  • For best results, use 3 times a week.

What I do:

  • After cleansing steps, apply a thin layer avoiding my eyes and (trying to avoid) my lips.
  • Leave on until mask is completely dry without patches.
  • Rinse and continue with the rest of my steps.

How it worked for me:

To put it bluntly, I thought this mask was going to be all talk. Aside from the few friends that I had heard praise it, I didn’t see much talk about it in the community. I guess this mask flew under the radar because let me tell you, I’m OBSESSED. If you look at the pictures above, you’ll see that when the mask dried, it revealed spots where oil had been sucked from my pores. Talk about instant satisfaction. Not only that, but you’ll see spots on my face where it turned white, those are where it sucked the yuck out of some white heads. While I know people get similar affects from other clay masks, this is the fist mask that has actually done that for me, and I was pretty much showing my gross post-mask face to everyone who would look at this mask the magically extracted all the impurities out of my face, just like it claimed! Not only that, but it was gentle. Does it brighten my skin? Maybe, though I don’t find it to be any high powered radiance. Does it even my skin tone? Sure, though I wouldn’t rely on it as the only product to do that. But I do find that the detox part of the claims are 100% accurate, my skin didn’t feel tight or dry but smooth and clean after rinsing it off.

Which leads me to the down side; rinsing it off. This mask is a MESS. The application is easy, a little going a long way as you don’t want to make a thick layer, the mask itself being rather dense. After it dries, washing it off is harder than pulling teeth. Is it the three different types of clay? The Charcoal?  I don’t know, but every time I try to wash this mask off it takes forever. Not only that, but it gets everywhere. In my ear? down my sleeves, on my dog, EVERYWHERE.

That being said, I just can’t get over how well this mask works, and I’m willing to make an ash colored mess if it means I get to keep seeing this mask suck the demons out of my face.


  • Cheap
  • Little to no smell
  • No trigger ingredients
  • extracts oil and other impurites out of pores
  • Not drying
  • Easily available at most targets, Walmarts, and drugstores


  • A big ol’ mess
  • Small container, wish there was more product.

Final Rating:

Rating Scale

  • 1-Bad, had a reaction, would not buy again
  • 2-Did not work
  • 3-Worked, but nothing special
  • 4-Great product, but has the potential to be replaced
  • 5-Holy Grail, it’s the cat’s meow!


While I hate the mess, and wish I didn’t have to wrestle it off my face every time I go to wash it off, I love the instant results and will be purchasing it again once it runs out.

Where you Can Purchase:

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