The Beauty Witches

THE BEAUTY WITCHES: The Beauty Witches emerged from the communion of interests in art, creativity, aesthetics, music, cinema, but primarily make up and the therapeutic world, in which we both have delved deeply. We met 8 years ago working on the film ”Dos Fridas» by the director Ishtar Yaseen, and instantly connected; continuing to work together on TV series and individually on several projects. Since then, we have shared friendship, time, travels, and interests like body psychology, which has gradually become important in our way of doing make up, as it adds the sensitivity, not only for creating characters with psychology and physicality but also for relating to the different personalities who sit in our chair and place themselves in our hands before appearing on camera. TBW is a project that excites us greatly because here we complement each other, and each contributes their magic.


I found in Make up Design the perfect media to express myself in all my interests areas: cinema, music, theatre, photography and TV. By practicing I discovered that each one has its own needs and aesthetics languages. Creating characters as image designer, I look for coherence and naturalness that gives credibility to the story. In music I propose styles that support the concept and personality of the artists through their image. In operas and theatre plays, I amplify makeup in order to reach the last seats of enclosures such as Bellas Artes and Centro Nacional de las Artes. While in advertising I bet to highlight individual beauty. Studies: Image Design (Complections International MU school of TO) Photography (Ryerson University of TO) Core Energetics Body Psychotherapist (Institute of Core Energetics, NY through Córpore, CDMX)


I like the fact that music can generate different atmospheres and moods. My interest in working with the music industry with personalities such as Adanowsky, Black Eyed Peas, Delfina Dib, Camilo, and Kelly Lee Owens during her tour with Depeche Mode, stem from this fact. Makeup has also been a platform for traveling with my work, doing makeup for celebrities during the Tallin Clack Nights Film Festival «PÖFF», in collaboration with Andie Markow-Byrne , for brands such as Clinique, and spend a season in Mérida during the filming of the Zoe Kravitz´s movie, «Blink Twice», in hand with Carla Virile. I see editorial work as a part that allows me to explore my creativity, while in publicity I contribute my vision of the natural quality as an essential feature of beauty for brands such as Bimba y Lola, Ferragamo, Coca Cola, and American Eagle.