Rosa’s Bio



Salutations! My name is Rosa. I graduated college back in 2014 with an associates degree in photography. When I’m not working, you can catch me daydreaming about Lord of the Rings or watching videos about dogs. I love to read, cook, shop for makeup, and watch Asian television. Looking through Asian cosmetic magazines first peaked my interest in Asian beauty, but it was Charlotte Cho’s “The Little Book of Skincare” that finally turned me towards the skincare craze.

Skin Bio:

Type: Combination, Sensitive Skin

Main Concerns:

  • Oily t-zone
  • Hormonal acne
  • Easily irritated skin


My skin troubles hit around the same time as everyone else; middle school. There wasn’t a patch of skin left unblemished and even Proactiv’s so called wonder routine couldn’t help me. Luckily with age, my severe acne turned into mild acne but the none the less it remained. I’ll be the first to admit that once my acne had turned mild, I cared less about routine. As I stated above, my skin can be very sensitive. Certain chemicals will cause “burning” sensations on sensitive areas of my face (such as my eye lids and under eye areas) or can cause my skin to dry out sand peel (like my nose and forehead). This sensitivity gave me an aversion to skincare, and I tried to ignore my problems by saying the age old mantra; “It will all go away when you’re older.” At the age of twenty-one, it has not gone away, and it wasn’t until I started reading up on Asian skincare until I began to treat each problem on its own, rather than trying to wash it away with harmful chemicals and “miracle cures”.